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CHF 35.-- / workshop*

All our experienced instructors have backgrounds in

Computer Science, Engineering or Education. 

These fun and exciting courses combine all three modules of Robotics, Digital Animation, and Coding & Gaming and include:


- Robotics courses for kids

- Programming courses for kids

- Modular lessons for 45 minutes

- Hands-on Project based activities

- Student packets that include workbooks or worksheets for each lesson

- Simulations and Animations to explain concepts

- Flexible lesson plans and challenges based on child's interest

- Teamwork projects with 2-3 students per project

- Engineering concepts and engineering design life cycle

- Certificates of Mastery and/or Badges

We provide all lab equipment and software.

Follow the links below to learn more about our exciting programs!

*Semester enrollment/commitment only

Open registration during semester as long as seats are available.

See our Schedule for an overview of available lesson times.

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