terms & conditions

The following terms and conditions (Terms) will apply to all bookings for classes run by Tekmania GmbH (Tekmania or we) and the person making the booking (you).  If you make a booking, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms.  The children participating in the classes are referred to as Participants throughout these Terms.
Course Organization

Courses meet once a week and are divided into two calendar terms: Fall term (September-December), and Spring Term (January - July); that follow the Zürich public school schedule.

Tekmania holidays are based on official school holidays for Zürich.  Regular classes do not take place during holidays.  However, courses may be offered during the holidays that are not covered by the regular course fees.   Tekmania reserves the right to change class times or to merge classes.  Participants will be notified via email notification.  If you wish to be notified by written mail please let us know.

Drop-in Days are not structured courses, but are instead an opportunity to visit our facility to learn about what we offer and try some activities.  Currently offered by reservation only.  Paid in advance by invoice or credit card on-site.  No cash options at this time.

Fees and Billing Information
The price for each course and each class is the price shown on our website on the date when you make your booking.  All prices include VAT unless otherwise specified.  
Invoices will be sent after confirmation.  We only accept electronic bank transfer at this time.  

Drop-in Day registrations are paid in advance by invoice or credit-card on-site only.  No cash options at this time.

Duration of Contract and Cancellations
The contract between Tekmania and you (Contract) will start on the day that we notify you that your child has been accepted as a Participant or, in the case of “drop-in” classes, when your child joins the class.  The Contract will be extended automatically without written notice of cancellation from either you or Tekmania. 

Drop-in Days, Online courses and mini camps are not automatically extended.  The Participant will be required to re-register for each Drop-in or online course or mini camp.

The Contract can be cancelled for the next term by Tekmania or by you either by email or written notice to be sent by post or courier prior to the start of the next term.  In addition, Tekmania is entitled to terminate the Contract immediately, in the following circumstances:
  - If you fail to pay any invoice from Tekmania by the due date set out on the invoice;
  - If, in the reasonable opinion of the class instructor, your child’s behaviour is disrespectful,

    aggressive or presents a threat to the safety of other Participants or the tutor;
  - If, in the reasonable opinion of the class tutor, your child’s behaviour is persistently disruptive so

    that other Participants are unable to benefit from the class.

If the Contract is terminated for any of these reasons you will not be refunded for fees already paid.

If you terminate the Contract during any Cancellations mid term you are responsible for paying the full term fees for that term, even if you cancel before you receive an invoice from Tekmania. 

Drop-in Day reservations can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the reserved booking.  Cancellations up to 1 hour before the reservation will receive 50% refund.  No-show fees are 100% of booking fees.


Missed Classes 
Classes which do not take place due to the absence of a staff member may be compensated, credited to the next term or rescheduled.  Tekmania determines the form of compensation.

Course fees may, at Tekmania’s discretion, be reimbursed or credited to the next term in part or in full in the event of accident or illness of the Participant.  No reimbursements or reductions in fees are possible for missed classes that are missed for other reasons, including "Acts of God" or events and circumstances beyond Tekmania's control.

Drop-in Day no-show fees are 100% of booking fees.


Tekmania GmbH accepts no liability for any damages incurred as a result of courses and events organized by Tekmania unless the damage is the result of Tekmania’s gross negligence or a deliberate act by a Tekmania employee.  While Tekmania makes every effort to ensure that all Participants benefit as much as possible from the classes, we cannot be held responsible for a Participant’s failure to learn or to participate. Participants and their parents/guardians use Tekmania’s premises at their own risk.  Tekmania is not liable for the loss or theft of personal belongings.


Exclusion from Class
Tekmania reserves the right to exclude Participants from the class temporarily or permanently definitively for good reason.  A good reason includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  - In the reasonable opinion of the class tutor, the Participant’s behaviour is disrespectful, aggressive

    or presents a threat to the safety of other Participants or the tutor;
  - In the reasonable opinion of the class tutor, the Participant’s behaviour is persistently disruptive

    so that other Participants are unable to benefit from the class.

If a Participant is excluded permanently, the exclusion constitutes notice of termination of the Contract by Tekmania. In the event of exclusion from class, term fees for the full course period must still be paid.


Binding Registration
Classes Seating is limited numbers and are offered on a first-come first-served basis.  We will confirm availability within 3 working days of our receipt of a completed registration form.  If availability is offered and placement is accepted by you for a course, it is binding for the term.  If availability is offered and a place in a drop-in class is accepted, it is binding for that class only.  If placement on a course is not available, you will be kept on a waiting list to be notified of openings when they happen.  Please let us know if you wish not to have us retain your information for future notifications.


Applicable Law / Place of Jurisdiction/Dispute Resolution
If any dispute arises between Tekmania and you in relation to any service offered by Tekmania, you agree that we will first attempt to resolve it by good faith negotiations.  If negotiations fail to resolve the dispute within a reasonable time, either you or Tekmania may propose mediation in accordance with the Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation of the Swiss Chambers of Commerce.  If the mediation fails, or if you or Tekmania refuse to participate in a mediation, each of us is entitled to submit the dispute to court for resolution.Legal binding contract is the German version of this document.  

All legal relationships with Tekmania are subject to Swiss law.  The place of jurisdiction is Zürich, Switzerland.