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school programs

Our workshops promote learning about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) through playful exploration.   It is our goal to promote STEM learning for our leaders of tomorrow, and to help our youngest women and men equally discover future opportunities in science and technology.

We offer tailor-made workshops for school classes and groups that are perfect for a STEM week or a class excursion! Perfect for MI or NMG project topics.   Robotics and interactive "hands-on" activities provide instant gratification and feedback essential for this age bracket, deepen acquired knowledge, and help STEM concepts come to life.

Developed with support from EPFL and ETHZ, and domain experts from ICT and Education, our workshops help cover Lehrplan 21 requirements. We encourage children to show us their creativity and use it in our learning programs.

All workshops are offered in both German and English, between 8:30 - 11:55 on normal School days unless otherwise specified.

Contact us to learn more about our offerings below!

Not sure?  Book an “Open Lab” event that allows your students to experiment and learn different projects at their own pace and interests!

We are happy to assist and support you. 

Please contact us by sending an email with your specific needs.

workshop with lego spike 

Students ages 10 - 14

Offered as a single 3 hours (1/2 day)  morning event, or two 90 minute workshops.   Introduction 45 minute workshops also available.

makey-makey workshop

Students ages 10-14

Program your favorite game in Scratch, and then use Makey-Makey ciruit boards to make the game come to life!

Offered as a single 3 hour

(1/2 day workshop)



roblox studio
3D game animation

Students ages 10-14

Get an introduction on how to model a 3D game for Roblox to share online with your friends.  Students must have parental premission to create on-line accounts.

Animation stop Motion


Digital Animation

Students ages 9-12

Design your own story and animate with stop motion or adding your own drawings.


Offered as a single 90 minute workshop or 3 hour (1/2 day option)

Tekmania Spike Workshop.jpg


introduction to robotics with thymio II

Students ages 7-12

Learn about robots, and how they use sensors to learn about their environments.

Offered as a single 90 minute workshop, or in combination with our programming module for Thymio II (ages 9+).

Robotics & programming with ozobot

Students ages 7-12

Programming robots with colors!  This workshop introduces the basic concepts of programming with our Ozobot BIT robots and group activites using colors to program.


Offered as a 45 minute, 90 minute, or 3 hour (half day) workshop.

Tracking exploration.jpg

minecraft education


Students ages 11-14

Students will be introduced to programming with Python to complete Minecraft challenges!

Offered as a single 90 minute workshop

competition mars rover challenge with Thymio II

Students in 6. grade +

(ages 11-15)

 Designed for teams of 6-12 participants.

Represent your school in an international collaboration challenge with other schools to complete a Mars Rover Mission with Thymio II.  Includes two 45 minutes training workshops, and the event on Wednesday afternoon for 3.5 hours.  

All participants receive an EPFL Certificate upon completion.


Robotics & programming with
Lego WeDo2

Students ages 9-12

Get an introduction to building and programming your own robot with our Lego WeDo2 kits.

Offered as a 45 minute, 90 minute or 3 hour (1/2 day) option.

scratch programming

Students ages 9-12

Code hour own game or design hyour own story with Scratch programming.

Offered as a single 90 minute workshop

scratch programming

Students ages 9-12

Using Scratch complete various challeneges within Minecraft!

Offered as a single 90 minute workshop

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