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Coding & Gaming

Our Coding & Gaming lessons strive to inspire and educate kids with coding skills for the 21st century.   Our curriculum engages students with themed challenges using Scratch, Blockly, Python, HTML, Makey-Makey, Micro:bit, Minecraft Education Edition, and Roblox Studio to design and create a range of projects including websites, games, and even artificial intelligence!

Kids love to engage with game-based approaches.  Scratch and Blockly provide innovative visual coding languages, making coding digestible and fun. Minecraft Education enables students to program with Scratch or Python within the Minecraft world.  

Want to design your own game or website?  Interested to create your own Mods in Minecraft?  Want to share your 3D game project in Roblox with your friends?  Students will use the 4 basic concepts in coding – variables, conditionals, loops, and functions – while having fun exploring new trends in technology. 


 Children discover how to solve problems and challenges through coding.  They learn the basic fundamentals of designing a program using a game based approach, allowing them to focus on the logic behind the code.

Projects & Challenges

Children learn how to plan and experiment using design techniques in order to creatively solve engaging projects and challenges.

Hands-on Approach

Every child has access to their own touch screen laptop or tablet, and programming software.  Children will learn how to program and create projects and games using Scratch, Hopscotch, and Tynker.

Learn by Discovery

Children will learn through guided experimentation and discovery problem solving skills in a fun and inspiring hands-on approach.  

Engineering Concepts

Children will learn basic design and engineering techniques using the engineering method and use them to discover solutions for exciting tasks and challenges.

Collect Stars and more!

All students receive Activity Worksheets and carefully planned  tasks, challenges and projects. Parents will be able to follow what their child  is learning and how they are progressing.  Children earn stars and special Certificates of Mastery along the way!

* Restrictions Apply.  Drop In Days are limited to Scratch Programming, Minecraft Education Edition only.

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