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Robotics, Engineering Concepts,

and Programming all in one!

These modules designed by Technology in Learning provide a perfect way to introduce the concepts of robotics, engineering, and programming.   

Using the Thymio II, Ozobot, or Lego WeDo 2.0, SPIKE Prime and Mindstorm educational robots, children learn basic design and programming techniques and use them to discover solutions for fun challenges in a hands-on approach.  


 Children discover how robots operate as autonomous systems and learn about their environments.  Because robots provide instant gratification and feedback, they provide a natural way to approach computing through an exploration of the physical world.  

Projects & Challenges

Children learn how to manipulate the robot's sensors and experiment using design techniques in order to creatively solve engaging projects and challenges.

Hands-on Approach

Every child has access to their own Thymio II, Ozobot, or WeDo2  or Mindstorm kit and touch screen laptop or tablet.  Children will learn how to program using Aseba's VPL (Visual Programming Language), Blockly, and text based programming.

Learn by Discovery

Children will learn through guided experimentation and discovery problem solving skills in a fun and inspiring hands-on approach.  

Engineering Concepts

Children will learn basic design and engineering techniques and use them to discover solutions for exciting tasks and challenges.

Collect Badges and more!

All students receive an Activity Workbook that contains carefully planned  tasks, challenges and projects. Parents will be able to follow what their child  is learning and how they are progressing.  Children earn stars and special badges for every task or challenge completed.  Earn Certificates of Mastery along the way!

* Restrictions Apply.  Drop In Days are limited to Thymio and LEGO WeDo2 only.  Opportunities available on first come, first serve basis.

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