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Turn your imagination into reality!  Our modules designed by Technology in Learning introduce techniques of digital animation allowing your child's ideas and creativity come to life.   

Recommended for ages 9-14

Using Hue animation kits, and Frames software, children learn basic design and animation techniques to create their own stories using animation and stop motion capture.


 Children discover the joy of creating their own characters and stories, capturing them in 2D or 3D creations and films to be shared with friends and family.

Projects & Challenges

Children learn how to manipulate animation software using design techniques in order to creatively solve engaging projects and challenges.

Hands-on Approach

Every child has access to their own touch screen laptop or tablet and animation software.  Children will learn how to capture their ideas using  Hue animation kits, Frames or Toon Boom Harmony.

Learn by Discovery

Children will learn through guided experimentation and discovery problem solving skills in a fun and inspiring hands-on approach.  

Design Concepts

Children will learn basic design techniques and use them to develop story boards, screen layouts, set design, and scripting.

Own your Film

All students will receive a copy of their film creations to take home, and earn a Certificate of Completion for the course!

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